How doing yoga together can help you connect to one another

As our daughters grow up, its nice to spend 1:1 time together in a relaxed and fun way

As our daughters grow up they become a mirror to ourselves and we may recognise some of the emotions that they experience and feel that our efforts to help are not always well received. Allowing us time to develop the change in our relationship can be a challenge within our busy lives and connecting both physically as well as emotionally can be very rewarding.

“The relationship between mothers and their daughters is like no other. This bond built on love faces a unique set of challenges as the daughter grows into her own womanhood. The tween and teen years can be a time of boundary pushing and tension. As girls move through these years, it becomes harder to communicate their feelings and needs. As mothers, there is so much wisdom to impart on your daughters, but it is often difficult to feel heard. Finding a middle ground, a supportive, and fun place for both women to communicate is a magical experience.”

Yoga helps to nourish the body, build strength and flexibility, encouraging us to slow down and listen to our mind and body. By practicing together, mother and daughter can increase their individual sense of confidence, experience positive physical health (including postural awareness and improvements), learn how to deal with stress and anxiety through balance, and share in learning to let go.

Learning to recognise each other's strengths as well as challenges can help us both appreciate each other

As well as practising mindful breathing techniques and partner poses, we build on the basics of the science behind mindfulness in order to develop a shared language regarding managing big emotions. By exploring these emotions before they arise, we can learn techniques that help us recognise how we are both feeling and develop gratitude for what we have and compassion for ourselves and each other. Soothing relaxation completes our sessions and helps us to be still and quiet with each other peacefully.

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