FAQs about children's afterschool yoga

1. What should my child wear?

Your child can wear comfortable clothing such as PE kit or a top and leggings or tracksuit bottoms. It’s preferable to change out of their school uniform especially if they wear skirts and tights or their clothes are muddy.

2. What footwear do they need?

Yoga is done in bare feet so they will need to remove their shoes and socks. However, if they have any foot problem like a verruca or athlete’s foot please ensure this is adequately covered by a plaster or they wear some tote-style socks to minimise risk of passing it on.

3. Do I need to buy them any special equipment?

We provide mats and any other props so there is no special kit you need to send them with. Some children prefer to bring their own mat or eye pillow and we have ones available to purchase if you wish in our prop shop

4. My child is often hungry after school so can they bring a snack?

It’s best not to eat just before doing yoga so you could provide them with something light, like fresh or dried fruit which easily digestible. They are welcome to bring water bottles into the sessions.

5. What if my child is tired after school?

We include relaxation during our sessions and our instructors are skilled in gauging the energy levels of the children to adapt the class accordingly. Yoga can often help re-energise the body and refresh the mind after a busy school day.

6. What do the children actually do in the class?

Our classes incorporate breathing, stretching, balances and relaxation like adult classes but through stories and games to make yoga fun and enjoyable!

7. If my child is poorly, could they still come to class?

Children who are off school should not come to class but please let us know by email or text so we don't spend time looking for them.

8. What happens if they are become unwell or injure themselves during the class?

Our instructors are first aid trained and will look after your child until you collect them. We will telephone you on the contact number provided to advise you if your child becomes unwell or sustains an injury that requires medical attention.

9. What if someone else needs to pick them up or I'm running late?

Please let us know if you need to change the usual pick up arrangements by text or email. If you wish your child to leave the session unattended we need this permission to be provided in writing as well. If you are delayed collecting them please let us know so we can reassure your child and also alert any subsequent classes to our delay.

10. If my child misses a class do I get a refund?

Our classes are sold in termly blocks which allow for the fact that your child may miss the odd week due to illness. Refunds for missed classes are not given.

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