Yoga at Home

"Do you know what our children need? Rest. Do you know what we need? Rest. Stop making rest a luxury - make rest a priority. The mental and physical health of your family depends on it."

Denaye Barahona

Yogazen combines my passion for teaching yoga and mindfulness to children with promoting the benefits of meditation and relaxation to adults.

In our frantic world where we are constantly wired, it is often a challenge for us to relax. But I believe its a skill that both children and adults need to cultivate to find harmony in life. The magical moment for me in any yoga class in that brief soupcon of stillness that occurs in savasana - relaxation pose.


I love seeing the kids laying calmly on their mats after a busy school day as much as the relief from adults when they can finally let go.


I am a qualified children’s yoga teacher and hold a Diploma in the Applied Use of Mindfulness from the British Mindfulness Institute. I completed Relax & Renew teacher training with the pioneer of restorative yoga Judith Hanson Lasater and her daughter Lizzie, with whom I've also studied Deep Rest and Experiential Anatomy guided by Mary Richards


I set up Yoga Kids Club to help more children access the inner peace that yoga brings.  I would love to help adults reach that through YogaZen.



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