Welcome to YogaZen

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"The primary aim of yoga is to restore the mind to simplicity, peace and poise and to free it from confusion and stress."

B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga is a combination of mental, physical and spiritual practices that combine to enhance well-being. It is a powerful tool in alleviating stress because of the focus on the breath, whether you are moving with the breath or sitting still in meditation.

Breathing intentionally allows for a greater awareness and sense of presence and this can have an incredibly calming effect on the mind.

If practised regularly yoga can provide significant and profound effects on the body and mind, including:

  • Improving flexibility and mobility

  • Correcting posture and body alignment

  • Increasing concentration and cognition

  • Decreasing stress and cortisol levels

  • Strengthening & facilitating muscle recovery

  • Improving sleep and reducing fatigue

  • Boosting your immune system

  • Reducing blood pressure

  • Releasing tension and discomfort

  • Alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • Providing a space for self-reflection and awareness

YogaZen offers yoga and mindfulness sessions to children of all ages and restorative practice to adults.


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"If every child in the world would be taught meditation, we would eliminate violence from the world within one generation."

Dalai Lama

Yoga helps children  to become stronger, balanced and relaxed. It enhances their flexibility, co-ordination and concentration. Teaching children to look after their minds is just as important as teaching them how to care for their bodies. 


Being mindful teaches children to maintain and positive and peaceful mind. It helps children learn how to recognise, process and release any uncomfortable thoughts or feeling they are holding onto. They will develop internal resources such as confidence, resilience, a positive attitude, a healthy self-image, gratitude, patience and a belief  in themselves to overcome challenges.

Our popular YogaKidsClub sessions take place before and after-school and comprise of breathing exercises, poses, games and relaxation. We also offer yoga and mindfulness sessions in school for year groups, like our 6-weeks to mindfulness.

During a yoga class, children stretch, play, connect with their inner-self and learn to switch off from the distractions of the outside world.

Mother & Daughter and Girls Yoga

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"Every mother should remember that one day her daughter will follow her example not her advice"

Younus Al Gohar

As girls' bodies transition through puberty, they experience a range of feelings that can be confusing. Yoga helps provide individual body literacy as well as teaching them ways to regulate ever-changing emotions. 

Our girls yoga and mindfulness classes provide space for girls to explore what is happening to them physically, emotionally and psychologically by learning self-awareness in a supportive small group.

In our busy lives, devoting unique time and space to your relationship with your daughter can be challenging, which makes it all the more important for you to find time to be fully present together.


Our Mother Daughter yoga monthly sessions allow time to be together in a neutral place and reflect upon how you are more similar than not. Having fun, gaining insight and acceptance of each other, allowing your relationship to grow in new ways.

These special sessions  incorporate craft activities, breathing exercises, guided meditation, partner yoga poses and relaxation and are suitable for girls aged 8 and above and their mum or female caregiver.

Restorative yoga


"Restorative yoga lets us take refuge not from our lives, but in our lives"

Judith Hanson Lasater

Restorative yoga is the use of props to support the body in positions of ease and comfort to facilitate health and relaxation.

Restorative yoga and meditation shares 4 key characteristics: quiet location, comfortable body position (whether sitting or lying down), focus of attention and open attitude. The art of conscious relaxation helps to restore the nervous system and promotes the release of deeply held tensions from the body and mind.

You will be guided through easy supported poses held for extended periods of time with the assistance of props to ensure maximum relaxation. Complete muscular relaxation and comfort are emphasised to achieve a quiet state of mind and body.

Restorative yoga is less about doing and more about being, less about stretching and more about opening. During a restorative practice we experience, not just understand, that we are not our thoughts.


Guided meditations help you to mindfully notice your thoughts, feelings and sensations to ensure you leave feeling nourished, well-rested and refreshed.

Our restorative classes are relaxing and suitable for all ages and abilities. No prior yoga knowledge is required, only a desire to explore the benefits of restorative yoga or a wish to build on your existing practice.